About Us

We’re just two friends who are trying to fit a lot into our lives but also onto our pages. We’re people who are working with margins – and maybe haven’t figured out what is in the margin and what is on the page.

Olivia and Meghan met almost 20 years ago in college. They didn’t immediately like each other — proving the unreliability of snap judgments and the value of persistence — but grew into close friends by the end of college. Through many life changes and house moves, writing has been a constant thread in their friendship, alongside various other short-lived flirtations with day planning and time management techniques. They were looking for ways to do everything, and are now trying to just do the writing.

Olivia is working on a novel in the mornings before going to a more-than-full-time day job as a consultant and team leader in a big company. Although this is her first (serious) fiction project, writing has always been at the center of her career. She works between London, where her husband mostly lives, and another faraway place.

Meghan Miller Brawley is a librarian-turned-freelance book indexer and proofreader, and sometimes copywriter. She’s been working on her first novel for longer than she wants to admit, but this really is the year. She shares her home — her 8th in 12 years — with her husband, 2 sons, an elderly dog, and lots of coffee.