The Rules

Marginalization – we don’t want to ignore this aspect of the margins. Get in touch – we’d love to listen.

Structure — one full episode every other week, with mini episodes in between. Also, sometimes y’all might not get a full episode anyway. We have lives, and the last thing we need is for this podcast to take away from our writing, so you might get an extra mini episode. It happens.

Social media — we do Instagram (@marginallypodcast) because we understand it and like them, but no Twitter or Facebook. If you do, awesome — go ahead and share away and talk it up out there and do our social media marketing for us. We love you.

The website — we’ll post show notes and stuff here on the blog. There will be something at least weekly, maybe sometimes more. We hope you’ll join the conversation.

Newsletter — for now, it’ll be for show notes and news. Maybe there’ll be super-special secret extras later, who knows. Subscribe and find out!

Deep dive — this is the only time you’ll hear this phrase from us, ever. Meghan’s also trying to make the phrase “online radio show” replace “podcast”, but isn’t hopeful.

Side hustle — same. Our writing isn’t a “side hustle” or a “passion project” or any other epithet that serves to either make it precious or trendy or create unhealthy expectations or commercialize it.

No snobbery — This is the most important. This is not the podcast to go to if you want to hear only about literary fiction, or how to write something that gets well reviewed in a literary journal. We are talking about writers’ struggles, and we talk about how to get work done that you’re proud of. But how you as a writer do that, and what you write down, is your business.