So… how’s your NaNo?

It’s been a week of NaNoWriMo, and so far I have found it super tough to really get into my book the way I need to if I’m going to, um, finish it this month. Or, indeed, this year. But I am making time to write every day, and I think I’m doing the thinking that I need to do to write the book, even if the writing itself is hard.

So Meghan and I really liked this post, How Not To NaNoWriMo, which totally fits into our ethos on the podcast – not forcing things too much, living up to your idea of success (not others’) etc.

And, if you’re needing more inspiration, this Independent article summarizing 22 lessons from Steven King about writing novels and short stories (and, really, doing art in general) was good.

Next year, I think I’m going to do NaNo for real – get a new project, start and (hopefully) finish it – and see what happens. I actually do like to see all the words everyone is getting onto the page!

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