Putting it all together

editing in greece  We’re hard at work on wrapping up editing for Episode 1 — where we talk about what we mean by margins — and prepping to record Episode 2 — day jobs. It’s been fun to learn something completely new, and we’re already racking up the lessons and lists of what not to do.

It turns out that recording a conversation is way different from working from a word-for-word script, like we had for our trailer episode. Both of us have plenty of experience with public speaking — we give presentations and teach workshops as part of our day jobs — so it’s not hard to work from notes and keep the ideas moving. What is hard is recording a second take!

We expected a technical learning curve, and have been happy to discover while it’s time consuming, it’s not so difficult we need to consult sound engineers. Hooray for the internet and the kind people who’ve posted podcasting how-tos!

But the biggest part of our process has been what’s part of our larger conversation — how to fit it in? We live 7 hours apart and don’t have flexible schedules, so just finding time to sit down with each other to chat is a real testament to our friendship each week (it means either I get up before dawn, or Olivia stays up past her bedtime). The great thing about it is we do make time to sit down each week and chat — and it’s worth every hour of lost sleep.

The time difference works in our favor in other ways. Because we’re more or less a workday apart, we could preeeetty much post to Instagram non-stop. Of course, that’s counter to our writing and work goals, so we don’t, but it would be pretty awesome. We also end up being able to tag-team the post-recording editing, since our periods of free time don’t overlap.

Bottom line is, we’re excited to give you Episode 1 (working title: In the Margins) on Monday — maybe we should have covered day jobs instead, for a Labor Day special. We hope you’re as excited to tune in.

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