Open thread: January writing prompt (PS and a giveaway!)

Hey hey! On the podcast next week, we’ll be sharing our responses to the January writing prompt, and would love to have some of yours to read also. I’ve created this post for you to share your responses and participate in the critique — it’s always so interesting to see the totally different ways the same prompt is interpreted.

You’re welcome to join in here anonymously, or you can send us an email if you are feeling extra shy. It gets easier the more you share, though, so give it a try! We’ll all be kind. Pinky swear.

The giveaway!

This month, we’re trying something new — writer mail! We’ll do a random drawing from the submissions and choose someone to get a small surprise, so send ’em in. One entry per submission, so you can enter multiple times. Post here or email us.

As a reminder of how this works: We do what most people do with writing prompts – i.e. use them for 10-15 minutes to get warmed up. That means we don’t edit them (we write by hand, so when we type it up there may be some basic changes, but we resist the urge to do real work on it).

Otherwise, the rules are simple — note something positive, and make sure suggestions for improvement are constructive. In other words, don’t be mean.

While it’s ok to offer critique without sharing your response in turn, we’d like you to really think hard before doing that, and let it shape your comments.

And now for the prompt!

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