Episode 7: Keeping It Real

We’re keeping it real this week. Really real – all about how you keep going when your work is busy, or you’re just not feeling it, or you’re tired. (Don’t worry, it’s not whiney.)

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In this week’s episode, we talk about how to cope when things get tough, when the outside world starts to get in, as Meghan blogged about this week, and when your day job starts to get in the way of your writing.

We started by noting that this episode isn’t addressing mental health issues, and we are recommending a few resources here:

  • The UK’s NHS has some good resources here; 
  • A US equivalent is here.

We also really like @bethdrawsthings and Gemma Correll (IG here), two artists who do work about mental health issues that has resonated with us.

Meghan also talked about setting a quitting time for herself, an idea that she got from Cal Newport’s book Deep Work. (She doesn’t agree with everything in there, but there were some good ideas.)

Another book we mentioned for close reading was Francine Prose’s Reading Like a Writer.

We also mentioned the classic film You’ve Got Mail, because everyone needs their favorite comforting film sometimes. (We just found out it has a fantastic 1990s-style website; Olivia thinks it hasn’t been updated since 1998.)

We talked about this Great Courses book I’ve been listening to on Audible – Writing Great Fiction.

We talked about our own episodes as well:

And, we mentioned: