Episode 4: Identity (or, How To Be A Writer)

In this episode, we talk about our fourth and final theme, Identity. How do you answer the dreaded cocktail-party question, “So, what do you do?” Better yet, what should we be asking instead? We talk about the collision of the day job and writing worlds, being ambitious while female, and what makes us feel like writers.

How you feel about Being A Writer? Let us know!

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Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott again (the anecdote Olivia referenced is on p218)

Ursula K LeGuin – The Dispossessed

The YA writing workshop was led by author Carmen Rodrigues. She doesn’t have one scheduled now, but does offer coaching.

There are a lot of pieces out there on the dangers of telling too many people your goals or dreams, but here are a few.

Meghan’s typewriter tshirt. They don’t have this one now, but you can buy the men’s version