Episode 23: A wide-ranging and inspirational discussion with filmmaker Ashley Maynor

Today we have a fun and wide-ranging conversation to share (just check out how many things we talked about in the list below!). We talk with Ashley Maynor, who is a university librarian by day and an award-winning filmmaker by night. Ashley is a long and dear friend of Olivia’s. We loved having the chance to record this discussion about incubation, divorce, getting in touch with your inner octagenarian, chickens, touching your work every day, and lots more.

Using her mad librarian skills, after our chat she put up this great Resources for Creatives page, with things to get you unstuck, a crash course on starting a podcast and a guide to microbudget film production.

Ashley’s work as director includes the documentary For Memories’ Sake, which screened at the Library of Congress, the Nashville Film Festival, the Maryland Film Festival, and on the Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers, among other venues, and the transmedia project, The Story of the Stuff.

She also produced the critically-acclaimed feature film Something, Anything (2015 New York Times Critics’ Pick) and the ITVS co-production Quick Feet, Soft Hands, starring Greta Gerwig, both written and directed by Paul Harrill and writer/director Cameron Nelson’s debut feature, Some Beasts (US-in-Progress selection; 2014 IFP Narrative Lab).

She is a past recipient of the Sundance Institute’s Sheila C. Johnson Creative Producing Fellowship and the American Library Association’s Justin Winsor Prize. In 2015, she was named one of “10 to Watch” by Independent Magazine and in 2016, she was recognized as a Library Journal “Mover & Shaker” for innovative digital storytelling.

For more information about Ashley, visit her website, ashleymaynor.com.

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Iris Apfel (see also her style and quotes)

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The Artist’s Survival Kit (free print-outs!) by Keri Smith

Ashley’s project, The Story of the Stuff

Virginia Tech shooting (see also this article on Ashley’s experience)

Leonard Cohen: “There is a crack, a crack in everything/that’s how the light gets in”

Buddhify app (for an “I can’t sleep” meditation)