Episode 20: What’s Working, or Everything’s Terrible? & Listener feedback

In today’s short and sweet episode, we debut our new check-in segment, “Everything is Terrible/What’s Working Now.” This week, everything is terrible for Olivia, and Meghan shares what’s helping her with revisions.

We also revisit jealousy, and share some of the conversations we’ve had with y’all over the last week. We love hearing from listeners, so keep the comments and voice memos coming!

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Mentioned in this episode

The Last Draft by Sandra Scofield

This quote from Brené Brown, found via Quotabelle:

Stay in your own lane. Focusing on what’s next to you, or who’s next to you, takes away your joy

Meghan’s blog post on why Gal Gadot should be jealous of her, and the advice she pretended she got from Madeleine L’Engle.

Our guest next week is YA author Brian Katcher. Check out his novels and find him here, and be sure to tune in for the conversation!

Also, don’t forget to share your writing prompt responses!