Episode 18 – December Prompt Responses & January Writing Prompt

This week, we talk about how our new mantras and words are going, and we talk through our first week of January. (We both have a cold, so I hope you’ll excuse some croaky voices.) Then we read through our December writing prompt responses – the one where your characters meet outside the timeline of your novel.

Finally, we share this month’s writing prompt, which is basically to go look at some resumes or CVs on a job-hunt site, and put yourself in the place of one of those people. What was their job interview experience like? Write 500 words about it. We adapted this prompt from the helpful book Writer With A Day Job (link below).

Mentioned in this episode:

Writer With a Day Job, by Áine Greaney

Episode 15, where we posted our December writing prompt

To help with the January prompt, you can use job sites like Monster.com, the Craigslist job section (this is New York, but you can use another city) or even just LinkedIn