Episode 8 is up, and it’s scary (for us)

In episode 8, we do something super scary — we share our responses to this month’s writing prompt, and have a mini-critique session.

If you want in on the fun, send us yours here, or post in the comments! We’d love to hear what you came up with. We talk at the end of the episode about how useful it is to get feedback on our writing, both to improve and to realize that room for improvement is natural, and doesn’t make you a bad artist.

We also talk more about schedules and managing the stress of multiple projects — good to think about as National Novel Writing Month (for those who wonder what the heck this Nanowrimo thing is) approaches — and Olivia comes up with a great motto.

The writing prompt, if you missed it in episode 6, is:

Your boss calls you into their office. What happens next?

What mottos keep you going?

motto less crisis

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