Episode 2 is up, and the kittens are home

Our second episode is up here!  Turns out we had a lot to say about what we get out of our day jobs.

We would love to hear your thoughts on writing retreats, how you keep up your routine when you travel, and how you think about what you get from your job – and what you don’t like.

Plus, I (Olivia) adopted some kittens. I’m now trying to convince them that I’m trustworthy. This photo from my morning writing session represents huge progress – we are all sat at the same table:

For comparison, here’s a photo of when I found out that the grey one doesn’t like to be watched when she eats:

They don’t have names yet. My dad’s suggested Romy and Michele – a pretty solid suggestion, considering how great the film is (I think there’s a glitch in the IMDB star rating on the page I just linked to, ha).

Any literary or funny suggestions?

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